2018 Renewal Year

2018 is the renewal year of our license. As a licensee, it is ones own responsibility to make sure that DPR (Division of Professional Regulation) has your current mailing address. DPR will not recognize “I didn’t receive the notice” due to an incorrect address.

Be sure that you have the required 24 CPEs, two of which must be infection control. One must also be mindful of the types of CPEs (scientific, self study with and without testing, professional development, acceptable course sponsors, etc). The majority of the credits need to be scientific. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations, by which we are governed, for a complete list. They can be found online at: http://dpr.delaware.gov/boards/dental/index.shtml.

And while on this site, it would be a good time to review the statutes, our Practice Act. It is DPRs policy that every licensee knows their specific statutes in order to practice within them. We must take care to avoid any infractions. The State doesn’t accept the excuse, “I didn’t know that.”