President’s Message


President’s Message-March 2018

As I approach the end of my presidency, I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of serving DDHA with this year’s executive board. Although DDHA has been undergoing changes with the overall structure of the association, this year’s executive board has come together to address these changes. Our theme this year was “all for one and one for all”, and this executive board embraced that theme with no hesitation!
This year DDHA faced and embraced the new charter agreement that is being set in place to correlate with ADHA’s structure. With the new charter agreement comes a new set of bylaws, that will officially be voted on by DDHA at the House of Delegates on March 24th. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Merith Taylor for all her hard work in preparing for the House of Delegates. The new bylaws change the dynamics of each component and their structure. Each component will stay unincorporated but will not require an elected board to hold CPE’s or conduct meetings. This will give members more opportunity to get involved with their component without the commitment of holding an annual board position!
As I have stated in previous president’s messages, DDHA would love to have members who are available to volunteer and contribute to DDHA and our components. There are a variety of opportunities to contribute to the association and together we can accomplish so much! If you would like to be apart and help grow your professional association please reach out to a board member, via email or in person at the next CE!
This past year has been such a learning experience for me and I have enjoyed my time as President. I thank each of you for your support and guidance throughout the year! My hopes for DDHA in the future is that we continue to grow and support each other as professionals!

Jaryn Bermudez, RDH