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Kent/Sussex Component

A component of the Delaware Dental Hygienists’ Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

KS President’s Message-March 2018

Hello Fellow RDH’s,
Our past Component President, Tammy Beebe, has been appointed to the Board of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene (Advisory Committee). Congratulations Tammy and Good Luck with your new position!! Your “new acting” President (until Annual Session 3/24/2018) is Mary Trinkle. I will do my best to complete the term.
I would also like to thank Trish Piascik for representing the Kent Sussex Component by delivering pizza to the Dover 1st year students starting their 1st day of clinic. I hope the students had a great day!
A few weeks ago Kent Sussex members received an email laying out our choices to stay a component. The email was sent due to ADHA changing how components can exist. The results of those questions are:
1. Our component will be unincorporated (which means we can exist under the oversight of DDHA).
2. Our new name is Kent Sussex Component.
3. Two CE’s per year.
4. Component meetings “as many as needed”.
5. Most members preferred to be contacted by email or text
THANK YOU so much for the many members who answered the email! The DDHA Annual Session meeting will have seven Delegates and one Alternate Delegate representing Kent Sussex. The Delegates are:
Jack Kraft–Head Delegate, Fay Rust, Heather Moran, Ryan Douhtery, Kristin Dixon, Chelsea Astanova and Brooke Richards. Alternate Delegate Mary Trinkle. Thank you Delegates for helping your dental hygiene profession have a voice.
Wishing everyone a happy and blessed 2018!
Mary Trinkle, RDH


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