New Castle County Dental Hygienists’ Association

A component of the Delaware Dental Hygienists’ Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.


President’s Message-June 2017


Who are you? Deep question, I know. Many of us would start with our name, age, profession, familial position (i.e. mother, father), talents (either musically or artistically), and perhaps note some hobbies. Some of us might consider our many professional accolades, achievements, personal accomplishments, and medical challenges we have conquered. I believe that to remain a humble, grounded individual, we must ask ourselves this question. What makes us so amazing? Is it that we are great at multitasking, being great listeners, providing great support to others, all while remaining positive and smiling? Is it the behaviors instilled within us during dental hygiene school?

A huge part of who we are is shaped by mentors in our lives. There are many mentors we could identify in our personal lives. But have you considered the mentors that exist in your professional life? We all play an integral role in dental hygiene as either: a clinician, an administrator, a public health RDH, a researcher, an educator, an entrepreneur, or in corporate sect. I’m sure you are thinking about your professional mentors at this point. These individuals have helped us exceed our goals, and aspirations. Have you considered the impact you could make upon someone? Yes, YOU! It is important that we embrace our dental family, regardless of their position on the team. In a world of uncertainty, filled with daily stressors, this is especially imperative. Positive energy, encouraging words, a smile, and even a hug is something that we can provide our team with.
I would like to highlight the new dental hygiene graduates. As you know, our professional climate is ever changing. If you have the opportunity to mentor a new graduate, I urge you to. Their dental hygiene professors/teachers have provided them with the groundwork to begin their professional journey; we have been charged with the responsibility of providing support, and advice as seasoned RDHs, to continually stimulate their professional growth.
So as you begin to enjoy the Summer by renewing your spirit and energy, either by the shore, lake, mountains, island, traveling abroad, or on a staycation, consider my initial question…who are you?
Congratulations to the graduating dental hygiene class of 2017! We welcome you to experience all that your professional organization has to offer.
I look forward to a great term, serving as your 2017-2018 N.C.C.D.H.A. President!
Peace be with you,

Jennifer Quillen-Strauss, R.D.H., B.S.D.H.
2017-2018 N.C.C.D.H.A. President


NCCDHA 2017-2018 CE Brochure-1


Date Location Speaker Topic
September 16, 2017 Sheraton Wilmington South, New Castle, DE Domonick Squittiere “Assisting the Patient with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Considerations for Dental Visits”
October 21, 2017 Sheraton Wilmington South, New Castle, DE Dr Brad Klassman,DMD “Pinhole Technique and Other Emerging Perio Topics”
February 24, 2018 Sheraton Wilmington South, New Castle, DE Lynn Pencek, RDH, MS “Helping Dental Practitioners Practice More Comfortably”

2017-2018 Executive Board


Jennifer Quillen-Srauss


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Teresa Matoni


Ashley Melvin

Anna McDaniel

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