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New Castle County Component

A component of the Delaware Dental Hygienists’ Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

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President’s Message-December

Since my last communication to you, the weather has certainly shifted to the autumn feeling we have been long awaiting. We have also changed the décor around our offices, practices, and homes to reflect the approaching holiday. Most of us have either embraced the chill in the air, or wished we were able to travel South until Winter is over.
With Thanksgiving 2017 behind us, it is so easy to be drawn into the commercialism surrounding Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Lest we forget our neighbors and friends with holiday cards, homemade treats, lavish meals, gifts galore, and festive mood abounding. We are so fortunate to be afforded the ability to partake in these aspects of the holiday season, however, there are many who are unable to enjoy this time of the year. There can be an overwhelming amount of stress during the holidays, for everyone. While we tend to focus on our loved ones during the holiday season, let us not forget about our professional passion within; we are driven to provide excellent care for our patients, which in turn shapes us into empathetic, caring, sensible individuals. I’ve heard stories from many of you about how generous you have been to those in need. I urge you to continue to exude that bigheartedness this holiday season to those who are less fortunate than us. I am not only referencing those who are visibly in need, but perhaps our co-workers and colleagues, who may not outwardly show they are struggling. Sometimes it is difficult for us to see what is directly in front of us; a co-worker who is financially struggling and fearful of losing their home or not being able to provide food for their family, a colleague who is battling a mental illness which is even more arduous to control during the holidays, or perhaps it is the patient in your chair who has just lost their job and feels that their world is falling apart.
Let us use our gift of listening this season. Listen intently for the cries for those who seek support, refuge, recourse and sustenance. No matter how great or minute their needs are, they yearn for your regard. Consider giving your time to these beautiful, blessed people who perhaps are lost at this moment in their life. By exuding beneficence you might be surprised by the feeling this evokes within you; perhaps greater than a feeling of opening a gift you’ve been pining for this holiday.
These past few years I have realized more that the holidays are not about how perfectly your holiday cookies turn out, how beautifully arranged your family’s holiday photo is, how you have precisely placed the holiday decorations around your house, or how adept you are at selecting holiday gifts for everyone on your list. The holidays are about the people around you; our friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, patients, co-workers, colleagues, and those who chance to pass you by. May you find joy in the simple things, peace all around you, happiness & warmth in the memories you will make this season, and love abounding in your heart.
Peace & love to you always,
Jennifer Quillen-Strauss, R.D.H., B.S.D.H.
2017-2018 N.C.C.D.H.A. President

I would be remissed if I didn’t mention that on October 21st, we celebrated National Dental Hygiene Month at our continuing education course and general membership meeting. Dr. Brad Klassman gave a most engaging lecture about emerging periodontal techniques. The morning was filled with surprises and celebration for all in attendance. During the general membership meeting, your 2017-2018 N.C.C.D.H.A. Delegates and Alternate Delegates were elected. Serving as delegate this year are: Stephanie Andrews, Brandi Burkhardt, Gina Doughten, Meagan Harrison, Alexia Lento, Anna McDaniel, and Patti Seward. Alternate delegates are Ashely Arms, and Ashley Kropiewnicki. They will be representing you at the delegates workshop on Saturday, January 6th in Smyrna, DE, and at the D.D.H.A. Annual Session on March 24, 2018 in Dover, DE.

Please remember that 2018 is a DE dental professional license renewal year. If you have not updated your contact information online through the state website, please do so ASAP. As with many organizations, companies, and groups, the DE DPR has gone green, so you will not be receiving mail communication from regarding renewal.

NCC Component CE

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Date Location Speaker Topic
February 24, 2018 Sheraton Wilmington South, New Castle, DE Lynn Pencek, RDH, MS “Helping Dental Practitioners Practice More Comfortably”

2017-2018 Executive Board


Jennifer Quillen-Srauss


1st Vice President

Teresa Matoni


Ashley Melvin

Anna McDaniel

Immediate Past President
Stephanie Andrews

Committee Chairpersons

Alexia Lento


Nancy Brohawn

Continuing Education 

Theresa Matoni      

Lisa Goss

Membership and Community DH Services
Nancy Brohawn