Exhibitor’s Registration

Dear Professional Partner,

DDHA invites you to participate in our Continuing Professional Education Programs. Our Association hosts 3 CPE courses each year. The schedule for each CPE will be from 8:00am-4:00pm. Support from you allows DDHA to continue providing quality courses to the dental hygienists in the area. An exhibitor table (provided) for each CPE is $200.00. This will include your continental breakfast, luncheon and a special acknowledgment of your support to DDHA. Each additional exhibitor at your table is $50.00.

There are additional opportunities of sponsorship and recognition that DDHA invites you to consider:

  • $300 towards the CPE brochure/registration form
  • $400 towards the afternoon snack
  • $500 towards the breakfast expenses
  • $750 towards travel & hotel accommodations for the speaker
  • $1000 towards the luncheon expenses

If you are interested in the above sponsorship opportunities listed, an exhibitor table will be provided to you at no additional charge for that CPE.

To register as an exhibitor, please download and print the Registration Form. Please mail the completed form with a check payable to DDHA and send to:

Lisa Goss, RDH, BS
DDHA Treasurer
222 Catalina Drive
Newark, DE 19711

The complete listing of upcoming CPE course information and speakers can be found on our website www.delawaredha.org