Fall 2019 Table Clinic Winners 

In the fall 2019, DDHA chose the top three table clinics that are presented at the state’s CPE course held in Newark. The 3rd place award recipient received a $25.00 Visa gift card, the 2nd place award recipient received a $35.00 Visa gift card and the 1st place award recipient received a $45.00 Visa gift card. 

The winners for this year are: 

1st Place – “Will You Escape the Vape?” E-cigarettes, Juuling and Their Oral Manifestations – Kendra Jones and Regan Shinn 

2nd Place – “3D Substitooths?” Drug filled, 3D Printed Dentures and Infection Fighters – Kajal Patel and Ashley Giannattasio 

3rd Place – “Infomercials and the Dangers They Are Causing.” – Breanna Dean, Erin Hastings and Emily Groton 

Most Outstanding Clinician 

Every year DDHA presents one 2nd year dental hygiene student from each campus the Most Outstanding Clinician Award. These students exemplify clinical dedication and leadership qualities in all facets of the dental hygiene profession. They are awarded with one full year membership to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. The recipients who were selected this year are: Emily Groton (Terry /Owen Campus) and Kendra Jones (Wilmington Campus) 

DDHA’s 2nd Year Board Review EssayAward – Melanie Glace and Kajal Patel 

Most Outstanding Student 

The Delaware State Dental Society (DSDS) presents one 2nd year dental hygiene student from each campus the Most Outstanding Student Award. These students portray outstanding performance during the dental hygiene program (including academic, clinical and interpersonal communication skills). The award recipients who were selected this year are: Erin Hastings (Terry/Owen Campus) and Regan Shinn (Wilmington Campus) 

STAR – Colgate 

Each year Colgate presents the “Student Total Achievement Recognition Award” to on student from each campus. This is awarded to a student who exudes compassion, dedication, and enthusiasm for the dental hygiene profession. The award recipients who were chosen this year are: Mary Galasso (Terry/Owen Campus) and Kajal Patel (Wilmington Campus) 

Sigma Phi Alpha 

The Chi Chi Chapter of Sigma Phi Alpha inducted three new members this year. The qualified inductees must exhibit qualities of academic scholarship in the top 20% of the class, leadership, and character. The new Sigma Phi Alpha members for this year are: Noemi Rodriguez (Terry/Owen Campus) and Kayla Atkinson (Wilmington Campus

Garan Callaway received $500 towards her Doctorate’s Degree at Wilmington University. (2nd time recipient has received this award)