Division of Professional Regulations CE Concerns

The Division of Professional Regulation has been contacted by a number of our licensed professionals who are concerned that the Governors declared state of emergency, and direction to avoid public gatherings, may make it difficult to meet the continuing education requirements of their profession before renewal.

We understand and we want to assure you that the health and safety of our licensees, your families, and our community will always be the Division’s primary concern.  We know your personal and professional lives have been impacted by this situation and we applaud the efforts you are making in your respective professions for the good of all Delawareans. 

To address continuing education concerns, and allow our licensees to focus on the health and safety of themselves and their families, the Division will be implementing the following procedures regarding all upcoming license renewals for calendar year 2020 that have been impacted by the declared state of emergency:

License renewal dates will remain the same.  License renewal is accomplished on-line and no profession requires licensees to report to the Division in person.  If you have technical difficulty renewing on-line, contact the Division by telephone at (302) 744-4500. 

When completing your on-line renewal, the continuing education attestation page will ask if you have been unable to complete your required continuing education due to the Governor’s declared state of emergency.  Any licensee who attests that s/he has had difficulty completing CEs before renewal due to the declared state of emergency will be immediately granted additional time to complete their CEs.   If the declared state of emergency has impacted your ability to complete your CEs, you will be given until sixty days after the lifting of the state of emergency to complete your CEs for this renewal cycle.

We hope that this additional time will help ease the minds of our licensees who are having difficulty getting their required CE before renewing.  As always, you can review your licensing board’s continuing education requirements on our website:

Please take care of yourselves and contact us if you have any questions.